A Norm to Live for (4ª Edition)

(Versão em inglês de Uma Norma de Vida)

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(Versão em inglês de Uma Norma de Vida)

Preface of 1st edition

While turning the pages of this book, the reader will find a sinuous road, with many corners to be circumvented. However, the author pointed out, in a very simple and clear way, how a life trajectory is, making the traveler stop at each curve and reflect on which path to follow, choosing their own destiny. This work does not reflect all roads, but encourages everyone to think a little bit about what their life goal might be. Each one must interpret in their map which direction to follow; whom should they ask for information and support; what the worth of parental love and guidance is, what the family’s contribution is, what friends are for and how strangers may help to light our path.

In these few pages, there are descriptions of facts which teach much more than great encyclopedias, because the narrative focuses on the fundamental points human beings need to know, which are: to believe in themselves, to be humble, to have faith and to trust that all obstacles can be overcome with the addition of science. With regard to health, the author outlined the most important points, where she mentions the importance of preventing illnesses, believing and adding inner strength to the work of health professionals.

It is up to us to thank the possibility of prefacing this book and certifying, as one of the witnesses of the facts, that this narrative is true and may be useful for many people, even for those afflicted with nebulous and aggressive pathologies; it is possible to win; to come back to life and to contemplate the dawn, a radiant sun, a new day.

                                                Dr. José Valdaí de Souza